Project Description

Contemporary Pool & Spa

Symmetry has long been associated with perfection in nature, art and architecture, so much so that the perceived beauty of a human face is directly correlated with the symmetry of its features. Using a unique symmetrical design, Jakin Homes & Pools has triumphed in creating a pool to complement this ultra-modern home.

“The client brief was to produce a pool that would be the main feature of the house — visible from both the internal rooms as well as the outdoor entertaining areas,” says James Watkin of Jakin Homes & Pools.

The result is a contemporary pool with adjacent spa that aligns perfectly with the architectural elements of the existing home. The square 5m x 5m pool has been positioned to precisely line up with a large, square living room window. To further enhance the pool’s link to the symmetrical design of the home, a plexiglass window was built into the pool wall, aligning with both the spa’s spill-over edge and the living room window.

A sloping block can often cause headaches for pool builders, however the natural slope of this property has been incorporated into the design, with the pool being elevated 1.2m. Jakin Homes & Pools believes a pool is not a stand-alone feature in the rear of a yard, but a component of a unified whole, including the house, outdoor entertaining area, pool and garden. The company believes all elements should seamlessly blend together to create a great design. Every design and material choice of a Jakin project is created to suit any existing structure and, most importantly, the client’s brief and intended use.